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There was a failure to comply with International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea on both ships no early and clear alteration by both ships and, there was a failure to assess the risk of collision. Never attempt to use pressurized oxygen to start a combustion engine. There were indications of fatigue on the part of both OOWs, who were near the end of their watches. keeping a good lookout, maintaining vigilance and complying with Collision Regulations. Ensuring OOWs are well rested and alert taking remedial action once a collision is unavoidable (stopping the engine, going astern) and not pulling out of a ship once a collision has occurred. The 3rd Officer failed to comply with COLREGS by not keeping a safe distance. High winds on the ocean can cause severe problems for shipping, the…show more content…
Misunderstanding of agreement on radio in English might have occured between the two 3rd Officers. The main reason for a vessel dragging its anchor is because of the bad weather conditions. In situations, it is extremely important for seafarers to collect all necessary information to determine with the situation and to prevent dragging of anchor as much as possible. A quick assessment of the situation can only be achieved by proper look out of OOW’S and contingency plan to tackle any emergency, quick reinforce and good action of the situation. It may takes time to weigh the anchor and restore the vessel to its full condition, but no serious accident should happen if there is enough action for this. Remember at most ports, it is inevitable for a vessel to wait at anchorage and the time at anchorage can be for days or even weeks. During such times, the master and ship crew should identify possible dangers to the ship and make all the necessary

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