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The Romantic era was a time of appreciating nature, valuing the individual, and long for an escape. Of the many profound voices during the Romantic era, Kate Chopin was one of the greatest. She has been credited with starting the feminist movement with her book, The Awakening. Her book is also a reflection of Romantic ideals. Through The Awakening, and through Edna, we can determine Kate Chopin’s worldview on nature. Nature, to Chopin, is an important part of life. Nature can, relate to us, be our teacher ,and most importantly it is an escape. Kate Chopin values nature. She thinks it is an important part of life. In The Awakening, Chopin frequently describes the landscape. If she wrote about it so frequently, it conveys that is something important.…show more content…
It is a place where one kind finds one’s self and escape from reality. Romantics were into escapism. They were constantly looking for ways to mentally, emotionally, and physically escape through many different ways. Chopin writes about escaping physically into nature. Throughout the novel, Edna goes into nature for an escape from her increasingly tumultuous life. When Edna is alone at the house she meanders around the garden and notes that “the flowers were like new acquaintances…and made herself at home among them”(84). Edna seeks comfort and community in the garden. It is a place solace. Also, Edna would go to a garden in the suburbs occasionally and read a book or eat dinner there under the tree for a couple of hours. It was Edna escape. Chopin writes “it was the last place in the city where she would have expected to meet anyone she knew.” Finally, Edna seeks the ultimate physical escape from reality through nature. In the end of the novel, Edna kills herself by swimming out into the sea. Reality was too much for Edna and it was the most permanent escape. Through this sequence of events, Chopin shows that Edna was using nature as a place to escape from her reality. And thus, this solidifies Kate Chopin’s worldview of nature as a way to escape from reality through

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