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Almost every Muslim either fully practicing Islam or not is concerned about what he or she eats. There is a complete code of dietary laws given in the Holy Qur'an for Muslims. Some basic principles are described as all foods are permitted except those mentioned clearly in the Holy Qur'an. The most recent advancements of biotechnology in field of food industry like status of GMO’s, enzymes, use of genes, food additives or enhancer in food in Islam deduced by the Qiyas or Ijma. These if obtained from plant origin is considered Halal. If obtained from animals then Islamic Shari'ah put some restrictions on the animals that it should be fit, permitted by Supreme law giver, clean and wholesome for health. The world has become a global supermarket with the presence of improved transportation system and communication. Islam is the world's second largest religion and around 1.2 billion Muslims consume Halal products. As Muslim population increases, The need of Halal food increases globally. Halal foods must be mentioned clearly by labeling the hidden food ingredients. INTRODUCTION The origin of Muslim’s dietary divine commandments. For Muslims, a whole code of life is completed as a religion “Islam”. A strong emphasis is placed on cleanliness both spiritually and especially on dietary laws in…show more content…
The Arabic term for alcohol is ‘khamr’ means that which is fermented including everything which affects the consciences of someone including all wine, whiskey, beer, brandy, drugs and liquors etc. According to some Muslim groups, alcohol is allowed only when end product has the amount of it less than 0.1%. However, if wine is converted to vinegar it will be Halal as long as no wine remains in it. So it becomes clear that if an unlawful food item changes in nature, then the original ruling also changes. [Change of State-Istihala (Al-Quaderi, 2001)]. It is still controversial issue for debates of Muslim

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