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SERVICES PROFILE AREAS OF OPERATION: Duroflex group of companies are: • Duroflex Private Limited • Coco Latex Private Limited • Alleppey Latex • Unisun Technologies Private Limited Management team Board of directors Mr. George L. Mathew - CEO and chairmen David Stephens - director and CMO Ramesh Jude Thomas - Director Mathew Chandy = - Managing Director Jojo Chandi - Director Mr Stanley kunjippalu - Director Mr Mathew George - Director Mr Mathew joseph - Director Mr Antony joseph - Director Mr. Pradeep - CFO…show more content…
ltd In this chart clearly defines that the workers supervisor assistant managers of the particular department will report the updated information to CFO and CFO will discuss with director if any doubts. Product profile Duroflex Private Limited deals with various kinds of sleep comforts, in which mattress is the main product that they comply with. Company is manufacturing different kinds of mattress in different varities. Their products are highly durable and its price is affordable to all classes of people. The quality of their product is the main reason for their recognition and good will that they possess all over India and also abroad. Following are the range of mattress available for Duroflex. 15 Types of Products Duroflex mattress is the main product of Duroflex Private Limited. Some other items in the product range include: • Duroflex pillows • Duroflex cushions • Duroflex bed sheets • Duroflex mattress • Duroflex pillow cover Top competitors list of mattress brand in India kurl-on Four types of mattress • foam • spring • rubberized coir • therapeutic Rubco (Rubberized coir products) • Hi tech • Yathri • Safal • Heal •…show more content…
. . . • Passing and settlement of all miscellaneous advances. Capital Structure of the Company Authorized capital Rs 10 crores Paid up capital 24,040,870 Capital Structure of the Company The company is owned and managed by private so the company will not issue to the public Source of Funds Duroflex private limited has its source of fund mainly through equity shares and loan funds. As it is a private company the equity shares are mainly in the hands of the private parties, which include the top managers, board of directors and also close relatives of the company officials. The shares are not issued to the public. The following table shows the source of funds. SOURCE OF FUNDS (IN LAKHS) (2010-2011) Paid up capital 20,640 Secured loans 51,643 Deferred tax balance 11,388 Reserves and surplus 97,472 Table 3. 2: Source of Funds Application of Funds The entire funds raised by the company are utilized more effectively and efficiently for various purposes. The following table shows the application of funds. APPLICATION OF FUNDS (In Lakhs) (2010-2011) Net Fixed Assets 90,097 Net Current Assets

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