Essay On High School Graduation

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I always thought that getting a high school diploma was something easy, but that was not the case. After I arrived in the United States at the age of sixteen, my mom said to me: “Girl you’re smart, and I am always proud of you.” I always worked hard to get the best grades that I could get. I did not know anything in English because I did not learn English back in my country, Iraq. In order to get a high school diploma in Ohio, I needed to pass the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT), a test consisting of five sections: history, math, science, reading, and writing. After I relocated to the United States, I had to switch from one U.S. high school to another, three times. The fact that I was re-planted in various U.S. high schools slowed down my reading and writing progress, which was the most prominent obstacles I had to my overall progress. My transition between high schools also meant that I had to take the OGT five times to finally pass it. Throughout my journey to achieving my high school diploma, I learned that whatever one has been through, they should never give up on their dream. It was my first day at the new, first U.S. high school, and I was worried…show more content…
The school found me a tutor who knew English and spoke the same language as I do. I was very excited about that. She helped me whenever I needed her. She was very kind and always had a smile on her face. After a year and a half in that school, and after I took the OGT many times, I still could not pass it. Therefore, I told my mom to find me another school with a good ESL program. My mom is always with me and wants the best for me. After two months, my mom found the school, and we moved to a new place. I was extremely happy and could not wait to go there. I was pleased that my mother was going to move there just to help
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