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Goodfellas is an American gangster film, directed by Martin Scorsese. This film fits clearly into the crime genre. It was released in 1990. We can see this from the beginning sequence that it is completely an American crime film as the narrator’s speaks in a pure American accent. The actors/characters are all dressed up in expensive clothes that give audience an impression of 70’s era. They all wear suits and lavish shirts. After that shot we see a black screen with the words New York, 1970 written on it, this tells us for certain that we are watching an American gangster film. Also, in the opening sequence where one of the characters starts hacking a dead body with a weapon. Therefore, it confirms that the characters belong to the gangster genre where they all are dressed up in classy; they use vulgar language and are powerful.…show more content…
The characters are all covered with blood when they get out of the car; this indicates blood and ferocity. The element that they are roaming at night could mean that they are hiding from the police. The scene is completely dark, there is no street lighting and the car drives though a forest. The mixture of gloomy/dark night and forest could mean that they have committed a serious crime. Martin Scorsese uses rule of thirds so that the audience can see all the people in the car are significant. However, the driver is the main character because the camera is focused on him. The camera movement shows us that we are following the car. From the language they use, we can see that they are rough and tough men. Sound is used effectively to show the environment in the opening shots, where we can hear the sound of traffic anchors. Also, we can hear sounds when the camera cuts to a response shot of one of the character in the film when they were killing the

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