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I belive that a global leader is very similar to a traditional leader. The traditonal leader is someone who is an effective communicator, has creative thinking skills and someone who is able to work on the spot. The major purpose of a global leader is to collaberate with different people on a global levels. They have to be able to understand different cultures and connect with others that may not have the same values as them. Global leaders must also be able to withhold their judgement and not be able to value one side over the other because of their preconviced bias. They must benefit everyone equally. My global leader moment came when I was destenined to take care of my fish. All my life, I always wanted a pet dog and my mom wanted me to…show more content…
I was gushing with joy when I first got the fish but as time went on, I grew bored of them. Every day I was faced with the daily task of feeding them once in the morning and at night. Soon enough, my fish were doubling in size. For a couple of days, I just thought that I was feeding them too much but, I remember reading that fish knew exactly when to stop eating. It is almost physically impossible to overfeed your fish. I could never deal with the site of a dead fish floating on the surface. I decided to do my research and came to the conclusion that my fish was pregnant. Could I deal with that? Arn’t I took young? Questions and questions started to pop into my head.The constant question of when, was also stressing me. I was anxious. It has been months since anything astonishing had occured.I had just came home from school and due to the extreame weather, my electricity was gone. I roamed around the house to find something to do. The night feeding time arrived. I pulled out the fish food and looked around to see what they were all doing. For some reason, all of them were going crazy. I knew something was off. After taking care of these fish for such a long time, I get a feeling anytime something was wrong. I pulled out the flashlight and
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