Ender's Game: Character Analysis

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Tony Ortega Ms. Beach World literature 2 December 2014 Leadership Essay I. Principles of Leadership In the book Enders Game, Ender is seen as an underdog. Since the beginning he’s been looked down at by other people. That did not hold Ender back from becoming the greatest to ever go through battle school. It can be said that he got tired of that he got tired of being the underdog and the best. Ways how Ender showed he was a leader because he was brave, focused, and loyal. Being brave helps a leader because he is willing to sacrifice his life for his team. And do crazy stuff that could potentially get a lot of people killed but has faith it will work out. When ender was commander of the dragon team, he came up with a plan that he wasn’t well sure that it was going to work. Well Ender went…show more content…
Personal goals 1. Short Term Goal: Making the junior varsity baseball team this year. This would mean a lot because after being cut last I feel like this year I need to prove myself too many people. Show that being cut last year only made me more motivated for this year to make the team. 2. Intermediate Goal: Being accepted into college and possibly playing baseball there too. This would mean a lot to me and my family because I will be the second after my dad to go to college on a sport scholarship and I know that would mean a lot for him and everyone else. 3. Long Term Goal: Play in the MLB and have a beautiful and happy family. This would just be completing my life, knowing I lived it to the fullest and I’m living my dream. If the MLB doesn’t work I would also like to be a coach of a high school team or travel ball team. Five statements of leadership 1. "And there are doubts about him. He's too malleable. Too willing to submerge him in someone else's will."- Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game, Ch. 1, Everyone gets doubted, people have to use that make into motivations to prove all those people wrong. It’s about overcoming people’s thoughts and being the best you

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