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Easy A, directed by Will Gluck, is the story of Olive Penderghast, a high school girl who is the epitome of ordinary. She is not well-known around the school, and she has very few friends. When talking about her weekend with her best friend, Rhiannon, Olive makes it a little bit more interesting and lies about sleeping with an older guy. Olive is suddenly getting attention from everyone in the school, people that didn’t know she existed before the rumor. Olive then decides to help her best friend escape the tortures of being bullied by pretending to have sex with him. This is just the start of a snowball that gets out of control. There is a particular scene in the movie that exemplifies Olive’s constant observation. In this scene Olive and Brandon show up to a classmate's party and pretend they are drunk. Olive then noisily asks if there was a room where she and Brandon could be alone. Olive and Brandon proceed into the room, still acting drunk, then pretend to have sex. After the door is shut, all of their classmates rush to the door to see what is going to happen. The cameras then switch between the crowd of kids hovering around the door, to Olive and Brandon jumping on the bed and grunting. The…show more content…
According to Berger, “If a woman throws a glass on the floor, this is an example of how she treats her own emotions of anger and so of how she would wish it to be treated by others. If a man does the same, his action is only read as an expression of his anger” (Berger 47). This is the same for when Brandon and Olive come out of the bedroom after performing their act. Brandon is high fived while Olive is looked upon with dislike. Berger would say that Brandon wanted to express his attraction to Olive and satisfy his needs as a man. Olive would be displaying how she feels about herself and how she wants others to act towards her. She keeps her identity as the school

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