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Bulging Stomach and how to control it Do you notice that extra bit of your tummy hanging out making you look disfigured every time you eat starchy foods like rice or potatoes? Or have you ever heard people asking you whether you are pregnant even though pregnancy is a far distant story for you? Bulging stomach and tummy problems have become very common these days due to the changing lifestyle to which slowly all of us are getting adapted to. The stomach seems to be distended to its complete capacity and it results in bloating stomach. Trends of simply munching any junk food in an untimely manner is one of the worst causes of the bulging belly. Also, you generally tend to have many fizzy drinks which cause gas formation in the body and can lead to flatulence. A bulging belly may not…show more content…
Due to its vague symptoms, ovarian cancer is not diagnosed early, and hence it is harder to treat. Basic Tips to Control Bloating: Slow down your speed of eating by chewing properly and not just gulping down food. This will help to properly break down the food by the digestive juices in the mouth and hence will prevent its fermentation in the gut which can cause bloating. No drinks, no talks while eating. Leave a 20 minute gap before and after eating for drinking any fluid as it can dilute the stomach acids required for proper digestion of foods which leads to poorly digested food giving rise again to bloating. Do not talk while eating to prevent air from entering the mouth. Avoid artificial sweeteners like sorbitol present in chewing gums which can cause the production of hydrogen gas and thus give rise to a bloated belly. Monitor your salt consumption especially when purchasing ready to eat food items like fried chips etc as salt contains a lot of sodium causing water retention in the body. Thus the stomach feels full and causes it to bloat. Healthy

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