Essay On Being A Girl Equal To Being In Bad Situation

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“Being a girl was equal to being in bad situation”. With reference to the text, show how this statement was true for women in Bhutan in the 1950s. Bhutan being a small country has less population compared to other larger countries. Girls form the major population in our country yet they are never treated equal to the boys. The life experienced by girls in the past was totally different from the life that girls in present experience. In the 1950s girls were treated very badly that every girl wished to be born as a boy. Being a girl during that time was equal to being in a bad situation as there was no right to education, had to be submissive and was held responsible for everything they did. In the 1950s being a girl was equal to being in bad situation as girls had no right for education. Girls’ wants and desires were never looked on by the boys. Though girls wanted to be educated she was never allowed to read and write because of the stereotypical thought that said women should not read and write. To cite an example in the novel “The Circle of Karma” when Tshomo asked her father to teach her how to read and write, he says that girls do not need to know how to read and write but instead she should learn how to become a good woman. Similarly in case of Tshomo’s mother she never told her husband about their daughter’s…show more content…
In the 1950s girls did not raise their voice for themselves as men spoke on behalf of her. Firstly Tshomo’s mother bears all the burden of the family yet she never complained to her husband, who was always busy with his own work. It is because of the mother’s silence that her husband always told that she never complains, but actually she was dying inside with pains and sufferings. Likewise, Tshomo also never raised her voice against Wangchen. Wangchen not only stayed with her sister but also beat her daily giving her lots of pains. Though she suffered a
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