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The inference that can be made about sleeping and napping is that it can help you in many reasons and in different ways and you might learn something about sleeping and napping. According to the text in the first source it talks about how old people are and how much sleep you need during the nights. In the second source it talks about how many famous people back in the day needed sleep and how they were successful in what they did because of naps. In the third source is talking about how catnaps can help you stay focus in a daily basis while you are doing normal things. Sleeping and napping can be a good thing for people because it can help them for many reasons and ways. Sleeping at the age you are in right now will give you a certain amount of sleep you need to help you later on.The text says in paragraph 5 sentence 1 it states, ¨Sleeping more on days off might be a sign that you aren't getting enough sleep.¨ As a result this means that there are some signs that mean you are not getting sleep and you need more than ever. The text…show more content…
An example in paragraph 5 sentence 2 it states, ¨As a result they are often sleep-deprived emergency -room doctors working at night also have problems sleeping.¨ After all this means that the doctors need to learn how to take naps at the right time and the right place. Another example is that in paragraph 5 sentence 4 and 5 it states, ¨A team of researcher led by David F. Dinges, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, found that letting subjects nap for as little as 24 minutes improved their mental performance. So even short naps can reduce the number of mistakes a tired person makes.¨ This shows us that the naps can help people more if they take them but if you don't than you will be tired and will make more mistakes than if you were tired. Therefore, people can get naps and be more alert and aware of the mistakes they could made if they were

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