Advantages And Disadvantages Of Palaka Ki

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What’s better in life than a tasty gajar halwa? The color, the aroma, the rush of saliva as your nose signals its arrival. And when you finally take a bite of this tasty halwa, it feels like heaven itself has descended upon us, no exaggerations here. And with all the ghee and sugar, topped with cashews will make your mouth start watering. 2. Bread Pizza An Indianized and healthier version of the usual pizza, bread pizza can be made in under 20 minutes. It has the normal toppings like any regular pizza and is highly customizable since you’re making it by your own. The base is made of regular brown or white bread which you can buy at any convenience store. The best part is that you can have as much cheese as you like without paying a bomb…show more content…
Palak ki mathri has a crumbly texture and tastes salty. You might wonder, what’s healthy about them apart from spinach (palak)? Here is the reason. Unlike most of the mathris, these are not deep fried. Yup, this is one big advantage you can get from the palak mathris. 16. Paneer Kofta Curry A handful of paneer (preferably homemade), a few tablespoons of flour, with a dash of cilantro leaves, honey, tomatoes, coriander powder, turmeric, and fresh cream, garnished with kasuri methi and viola! We have a tasty paneer kofta in front of us (it might not stay there for long). 17. Masala Sev It’s difficult to believe that the plain yellow sev can get spicy too! For the oven recipe, it is made using besan dough added with the elements of tomato pulp and tongue tickling spices like asafoetida, chili powder, turmeric powder, and freshly ground black pepper. Knead the dough, add all the ingredients, and make it into cylindrical rolls and bake at 200 degrees for 12-14 minutes. Turn them over halfway and remember to toss and regular intervals to have the sev cooked from all…show more content…
Rasgulla The good old rasgulla is catching up with the others! Their personality gets distinguished from the word ‘baked’ being added to them, but they have more to offer. Enjoy the flavors of cinnamon, saffron, cornflour, and paneer, packed in our new yet traditional rasgulla. 19. Puris A diabetic or a heath conscious person might not be able to fathom eating those deep fried puris dripping with oil and cholesterol. People might worry taking a bigger helping of these puris could make them visit the WC quite often. For all those people, we have the baked puris! Crisp and crunchy, these puris are a good complement for all curries and offer a good mid-time snack too. 20. Rice and Corn Curry Rice and Corn Curry consists of baked rice and onion spices layered with a curry of tomato, which results in a lip-smacking dish. It has a unique texture and mind blowing flavor, contributed by the rich paste of onion, coconut, seeds, and spices. It does not have to be cooled down and can be served

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