Essay About My Dream In The Philippines

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Gozun, Charlene C. WFX - 1 Sudden Leap of Joy I could hear the world screaming. The people were shouting my name. Some descriptions were bad, some were good. What was important was that I had my supporters. Without them, I would not be standing in this nerve-wracking podium. My mind crumbled as I got near the microphone as the crowds cheered up. It was my first time to speak for my fellow Filipinos and I wanted to make them happy by providing my service for the country. I closed my eyes for a while to have some peace inside my head. My body was floating in my dark secret universe as I hear loud voices singing my name. Finally, I found the peace that I was longing for a very long time. I slowly opened my eyes and took a deep breath before I…show more content…
I looked up and wondered for a while. In our present situation, it seems that it was only a joke to be in a government position because we think that politicians are corrupt. We never fully entrust our politicians that they are capable of changing our status quo, alleviating poverty in our country. Sometimes, I believe it too. But who would stand up for our country if every citizen of its own accepted the “fact” that it could not be developed anymore? Hence, I dreamt of rendering my service for my fellow Filipinos who also aspire that our nation could be a better place. I wanted to be a part of this change after I graduated college. But then, I realized I could already be a part of it even I am a student. Hence, I wanted to be an Iskolar ng Bayan and be admitted in the University of the Philippines. I always see them in social media posting and giving their insights about the social issues in our country. They always stand on their principles and try to fight for it. They are not afraid to express themselves and shout out their voices. I wished for being a part of this community so I took the college admission test of the university last August, hoping to pass the examination. Someone snapped his finger in front of me, my conscience of reality was back again. I needed to study for our final

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