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Like many officers serving in the students’ residential life, Esmé Ruengvivatpant demonstrates her leadership skills as well as her charisma through various events. As the social chair of Fitten-Freeman-Montag (FFM) Hall Council under the Georgia Tech Residential Hall Association, Esmé fills her work with passion and energy. Her positive attitudes have been influencing people around her to join her for creating a wonderful living, learning, and growing community. Even though she has just come to Georgia Tech as a first-year student, Esmé’s out-going, charismatic, and confident personalities make her special and help her unite not only her floor, but also the entire FFM residence hall. Always smiling, always speaking in a spirited tone, always showing out her energy, Esmé brings livelihood to whomever she meets. Even during the dead weeks which are stuffed with exams and quizzes, Esmé can easily empowers people around her. I can still vividly remember that on a Friday morning, Esmé did her little Jumping Jacks while shouting out the “G-O-O-D-M-O-R-N-I-N-G, good morning, good morning” and her “TGIF” chants in front of the elevator, driving away all my morning tiredness and refreshing my mind. Her positive spirits can really drive…show more content…
At the first general body meeting of our Hall Council, Esmé came up with an ice-breaking game to help everyone who showed up in the meeting remember each other’s names. Even our Hall Director commented on that event, saying that it was the first time he actually memorized everybody’s name. Later, she also suggested having an “interesting-fact” question, such as “what is your favorite ice-cream,” at the beginning of each meeting to warm up the atmosphere as well as to let us become familiar with everyone else. With her help, we became more united and more like a

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