Personal Narrative: Elsbeth's Love

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As Elsbeth’s feet strode along the smooth pavement, her heart started to feel strained. Unsure of what to make of this pain, she slowed down her paced-out run. Taking a rest by a nearby tree, Elsbeth tried to slow down the pulsation her heart had recently gotten accustomed to. She pulled out her phone, unlocking it; her passcode being the date she met her most recent lover. Elsbeth brought her manicured nails to the screen, typing away a message to Chalix. Chalix was Elsbeth’s new lover; they showed an ardent passion for each other right from the start. Up until then, Elsbeth hadn’t felt not one ounce of love for any mister out there. Centuries could have passed, and she never thought she’d love one soul. Regardless, she felt herself hurtling at mountains of desire for Chalix. That month with Chalix, lasted an eternity. Elsbeth didn’t know how to feel. Every time she talked to him, her heart experienced a pang of perpetual yearning. It was a dismal love. The text Elsbeth sent read, “Hello babe xo Wanna join me for dinner tonight? I was thinking about grabbing some groceries on my way home. I think I need to head to the doctor’s though. Probably nothing serious; feels like I’m having some over exaggerated heartburn. I love love…show more content…
On a sheet of paper, the secretary asked Elsbeth to identify her major symptoms. The words “Discomfort in chest; sweating; weakness in the legs; in love; and lack of heartbeats,” were freshly written on the rigid paper. Her sweaty fingertips wiped the mascara layered under the crease of her eye. “Elsbeth?” A delightful nurse called her name. She was led into a room; she thought she’d be taken into a normal exam room. Apparently not. The nurse made her take off her apparel. Elsbeth felt more vulnerable and distraught than usual. Her normal doctor appeared behind a window, alongside a doctor she had never seen

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