Emperor Of Avarice: Gladiator's Commodus And Greed

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Emperor Of Avarice: Gladiator’s Commodus and Greed If one were to study every human in the world from the beginning of humanity until today, they would be very bored with the subject. They would also notice that despite race, gender, or religion there is an aspect that every human shares. This aspect, is greed. Though many religious leaders may wish to deny it, there has not been a person who walked the earth that does not have to some degree greed. It is a basic human trait that has been demonized through the years. Thanks to Richard F. Taflinger’s article on greed entitled “The Sociological Basis of Greed”, he illustrates that not only is greed within all of us, it is a needed behavior. Despite greed being an important part of humanity, many will still look at it with disdain. This can be seen in the…show more content…
The film takes place in ancient Rome, where the aging emperor, Marcus Aurelius leaves his empire to his most trusted war general Maximus. Upon realizing his father’s plan, the son of Marcus Aurelius, Commodus, then kills his father and takes the throne for himself. Maximus is then sent away to be murdered. Through his battle skill, Maximus survives and fights as a gladiator until he comes face to face with his villain again in the coliseum. In the film, Commodus is made out to be a horrible and cruel person driven entirely by his desire for power. In reality, most people are driven by greed. Greed is not something to be ashamed of, but to be embraced, especially if one wants to live through the night. After reading the article on greed, Commodus’ actions no longer appear to me as villainous and

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