The Breakfast Club Chapter Summary

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chapter 1- ronnie ronnie spends the summer with her dad who she has not talked to in several years,being the troubled seventeen year old, she had given up the piano which her and her dad used to share, making her hate being in north carolina even more. chapter 2- steve steves ronies father, in this chapter it's from his point of view and while he waits for his kids to arrive because he left the, he begins to play the piano because he used to do that with them. steve got a small house because his life went in a different path after his dad died. he even separated from his wife and quit his job, he thought traveling would help but now he is living in a house that the church's funds until they want to sell it. he is living in the town that he grew up in. when his kids show up, jonah is excited to see him but ronnie isn't happy. chapter 3- ronnie ronnie goes to a beach festival…show more content…
Marcus interrupts her thoughts and gives her s*** for not drinking with the rest of them and he asked to take her outside but she refuses because she does not like him and how he treats other girls. Ronnie decides to go home and its 2 a.m. so he offers her food instead of lectures her. Next morning Steve continues to play the piano and Ronnie realizes that he has been doing it as an ulterior motive, he tells her that he just likes doing it when he is upset, but she knows why he really does it, an since he lied she runs out upset. Afterwhile she finds blaze over at the record store, and marcus had told her that ronnie asked marcus not the way it actually happened which caused tension between the girls, blaze runs out and ronnie follows, but blaze had stuck some stuff from the store into her purse, getting her in trouble with security so blaze has time to get

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