Betty Lauer's Hiding In Plain Sight

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Lethal losses, perilous journeys, and daring escapes; these are just a few of the components of, “Hiding in Plain Sight”, which is written by Bertel (Betty) Lauer. It takes place in Nazi-occupied Poland. The book is a description of Betty’s struggle to survive during WWII. A beautifully written work of art, “Hiding in Plain Sight” is a tragic tale. Although just one of many expressions of emotion from the Jews, Betty’s account proves her courageous attitude throughout despairing times. Betty Weisseberger(later Lauer), a German-Jewish teenager, hits a wall of discrimination during the time of WWII. Born in Hindenburg, Germany, March 1st, 1926, Betty was the second daughter of Oskar and Ilona Weisseberger. Betty was a 16 year old Jew in 1938, the first year of staunch discrimination from Germans and non-Jews. Eva, Betty’s older sister, is the person who gave Betty her courage and hope. Throughout the book, Betty showed her strength, and weakness, in her relationship with God. Unfortunately, she lied many times in order to evade the Nazi’s torturous camps. During the Holocaust, Betty had to assume a false identity, as Krystyna Zolkos, in order to ensure her life ahead.…show more content…
They blamed the Jews for their financial problems as a country after WWI. The name Anti-Semitism means hatred of Jews. Extreme German nationalism evolved during the Holocaust. The excuse that used Jews as the problem source of money income covered up the real reason why the Nazis hated Jewish people. The Nazis’ true motive was the want for “Aryans” race, to be the master race. In the course of the Holocaust, more than 6,000,000 Jews were killed, but many more completely disappeared without a trace. By hunting Betty, and killing her sister, Eva, the Nazis are seen as

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