Effects Of Caffeine On Daphnia

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The human body is the greatest form of life in existence. Learning how the body works helps us understand the various processes that helps maintain a healthy life thus preventing illness. Human anatomy is the field that interests me the most as it is a challenging area of biology. My fascination with human anatomy has inspired me to learn more about the physiological changes that are associated with disorders and illnesses. This is the reason behind my desire to become a biomedical researcher. During my A levels I learnt a lot about physiology and how the organ system works. Biology practical sessions were a chance for me to learn about what the structure of cells, how they are assembled and made of many organelles with different functions…show more content…
When ingested by humans it causes anxiety, agitation, insomnia and heart problems. I was keen to investigate if caffeine has the same effect on other living things. In Applied Science lessons I have been researching the physiological effects of caffeine on daphnia. My experiment was to see the difference in the heart rate when different amounts of caffeine are given to daphnia's. I concluded that when adenosine is added to the synapse to enter a neuron it slows down activity of the nervous system. When you consume caffeine it blocks adenosine from entering the neuron. This has a stimulating effect on the nervous system. Therefore the speed of the activity in the nervous system goes back to normal. This is the cause of increase in heart rate. Studying the impact that psychology has on the body in fields such as stress and biological measures have shown me a different perspective of biology. In Psychology, studying research and theories has allowed me to study the brain and nervous system and link them to behaviour. During brain awareness week I visited the University of Nottingham and spoke to psychologists who were demonstrating the use of EEG (electroencephalography) machines and their research…show more content…
My responsibility is to put together rotas and deal with any complaints from customers. This taught me to work independently, and communicate effectively. Recently I raised money for underprivileged people around the world by organising a charity event in order to raise money in a very short time frame. I managed to get 10 businesses to take part. This taught me to organise my time effectively. Additionally, I have been undertaking work experience at a care home. It has taught me many things such as working as a team, working with people who are older than me and assisting people who need help. While working at the care home I have been privileged to have visited physiotherapy sessions with the patients and have observed the patients being provided to a suitable treatment for their problem. This showed ways of how the human body repairs itself. To gain an understanding of what biological science involves, I volunteered to assist at the City Hospital for a few weeks. Most of my time was spent around the dialysis department where I got to know more about haematology and haemodialysis. I am a self-motivated, dedicated and conscientious individual who takes preference to

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