Edward G. Lengel's Inventing George Washington

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The book Inventing George Washington was written by Edward G. Lengel. Lengel wrote Inventing George Washington to target a wide audience. While the book was intended to target a wide audience, the author’s reason for writing the book was to discuss the myths of George Washington’s and to show who he truly was. The book is an important contribution to our collective historical knowledge and understanding because this book, unlike any other Washington book ever written, actually shows who Washington really was and showed his real life experiences. Lengel throughout the book refers to other author’s and their Washington books and argues against the myths that they wrote about Washington’s life. Lengel begins the book by discussing the early life of Washington in the military and in office. Lengel tells the myth that was soon published into a book about Washington’s life in the military called Letters from General Washington to Several of His Friends in the…show more content…
Lengel discloses that Stan Henkels a man that admired George Washington found Washington’s supposed prayer book called Daily Sacrifice. He explains that while Stan Henkel consulted experts to see if it was really George Washington’s handwriting they found out that it wasn’t. Lengel discloses that Stan Henkel tried to argue that it was real and the debate about Washington being Christian arose. Lengel told about many people wondering if Washington was in fact a Christian or not but no one ever really knew except his wife Martha. Lengel also discussed a popular quote that is called Washington’s Prayer was later quoted by many in speeches at the White House. Lengel discussed that there were a couple of other religious myths about Washington that were widely known but the one about his supposed prayer book and his religion proved to be the most important as religion is something that almost everyone

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