Examples Of Curiosity In The Fall Of The House Of Usher

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The Cost of Curiosity Is curiosity dangerous, it can be a wonderful experience or a horrifying experience, that depends on how people think of it. Poe shows a very strong visual of curiosity in The Fall of the House of Usher. He is very dark and mysterious in a way, he uses Gothic elements throughout his whole story. The dying female, the madness, the fear, and the supernatural elements are examples of the Gothic elements that Poe puts into his amazing writing. Poe’s unnerving story is strong in the curiosity tone as illustrated when analyzing the Narrator and Roderick. The Narrator is a curious person, he is always intrigued and doesn’t run away, and he questions almost everything. He is curious but he is smart, the way he hears and sees…show more content…
He is getting very old and looks sickly, he looks like he is nearing death fast, the Narrator observes Roderick’s features “The now ghastly pallor of the skin, and the now miraculous lustre of they eye, above all things startled and even awed him.” (416-417). He looks so old and sick that it showed in his skin, but his eyes had not dulled like most think they would, that in itself is wonderous. He is so sick and no one knows any information about it, and they could see it affecting him, but those eyes don’t fade, they are miraculous. The illness he has progresses, and has a big toll on him. It affects his features first but his personality had not changed in the slightest bit. The more time that passes though, there is a change in him. “… An observable change came over the features of the mental disorder of my friend. His ordinary manner had vanished. His ordinary occupations were neglected or forgotten… The pallor of his countenance had assumed, if possible, a more ghastly hue-but the luminousness of his eye had utterly gone out…” (425). It is curious how he seems fine one day, but after burying his sister, it seemed something snapped inside him and the illness takes over and starts to drain him. His illness seems to have no affect on him, but as the days pass by, his physical features and personality slowing change, and he isn’t

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