Edouard Manet: The Toilers Of The Sea

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Edouard Manet: The Toilers of the Sea In Edouard Manet’s painting, “The Toilers of the Sea,” the main focus appears to be the lone fish in one of the two baskets, as well as, the frustration of the three fishermen at their only catch. Manet uses earthly brown, tan, and blue colors to show a moment of relief in what looks to be a difficult life. The worn texture of the men’s clothes further shows the difficulties they’re going through. It is abundantly clear to see how tired the three men are. However, it is also noticeable that while dismayed, the three men are thankful for the fish they have. The painting also allows the viewer to be part of the work of art, as half the boat is missing, so one can imagine they are sitting at the boat themselves. This leads me to believe that the painting teaches us to be patient and appreciative in what we have. The use of negative space as compared to the positive space shows the balance of calm and turmoil between the men and the sea. The rough sea has taken effect on the men’s bodies. All three of the men are looking at the fish inside the basket. Even though it is not clear what the expression on the men’s faces are; it is apparent that they are weary. One of the men is sitting on the side of the boat, another standing with one hand…show more content…
Through horizontal and diagonal lines, Manet uses the colors blue, gray, and purple to signal the dark clouds surrounding the boat as well as inside of it. A combination of green, black, and splashes of white touching the side of the vessel shows the aggressive and intrusive water. The dark values of the colors create the mood of the artwork. Inside the boat, two baskets are placed right next to each other; the empty basket symbolizes what they could have had if not for the trembling sea while the one with the fish seems to be what’s keeping it from further affecting them. Their gratitude for the single fish is

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