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I will be writing this paper to explain the life and the importance of Edith Stein such as: why she became a saint, why she was beatified, and the legacy that she left on the world. Born on October 12, 1891, Edith Stein was a part of an observant Jewish family in Breslau. Edith was the youngest child in her family, which consisted of eleven kids, and was born on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Hebrew calendar. Because of this she was liked the most by her mother. Edith liked learning and was very gifted. She really appreciated the religious faith of her mother but when she was a teenager she became an atheist. Edith’s dad ran a timber business but died when Edith was only two years old. Her mother, who was a hard-working and strong-willed…show more content…
While she was there she wrote Studie über Joannes a Cruce: Kreuzeswissenschaft (“Studies on John of the Cross: The Science of the Cross”). On June 6, 1939, in her testament, she wrote: I beg the Lord to take my life and my death … for all concerns of the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary and the holy church, especially for the preservation of our holy order, in particular the Carmelite monasteries of Cologne and Echt, as atonement for the unbelief of the Jewish People, and that the Lord will be received by his own people and his kingdom shall come in glory, for the salvation of Germany and the peace of the world, at last for my loved ones, living or dead, and for all God gave to me: that none of them shall go astray. (“Edith Stein Wikipedia”…show more content…
Paul II and was canonized by him on October 11, 1998 in Vatican City, 11 years later. The reason why she was canonized was because of her miracle that she performed. She cured a little girl by the name of Teresa Benedicta McCarthy, who had swallowed a large amount of acetaminophen. This causes hepatic necrosis. Her father, Reverend Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, a priest of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, got his relatives and prayed for St. Teresa’s mediation. A little bit after, the nurses who were working there saw her sit up completely healthy. Doctor Ronald Kleinman, a pediatric specialist who treated McCarthy, swore about the miracle that happened to Church tribunals, saying: “I was willing to say that it was miraculous” (“St. Edith Stein - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online” 1). Teresa Benedicta later attended St. Teresa’s

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