Early Cycladic Time

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Art has been around for centuries, different kinds of art works have been created throughout time. For example the Early Cycladic art was around from 3200-2000 BC. Even though time has gone by since the Early Cycladic period was around some of the art has been recreated. The art that has been recreated is not necessarily the same as the one from the cycladic time period. Art works have been made from different material, different shapes and even sizes. Even though they aren’t the same works of art as the ones from many centuries ago they are very similar to the ones that were made in the modern days. For example in the cycladic time period a woman’s head was created, centuries later the artist Amedeo Modigliani recreated something similar to the woman’s head. In the following essay I will be talking about both of the works of arts.…show more content…
The women’s head sculpture was made in Ancient and Byzantine Europe. The woman’s head sculpture was made out of marble, the reason why they used marble was because it was more tough which made it last longer. The technique used to make the woman head was a carving technique. The sculpture is about 25.3 centimeters. The face on the woman’s head is wide and not very long it seems to be the size as an average human’s face. The cycladic head was just a plain face with a sculpted nose that stood out. The woman’s head didn't have any ear or hair. We may ask why it didn’t have any ears nor hair on it. The woman’s head was very flat from the top. The woman’s head from the early cycladic time period didn’t have to be stood up by anything it was simply stood up by the the woman’s neck. The early cycladic woman’s head also had a very round chin it didn’t have much shape to

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