Dove Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Ladies, have you ever stood in front of a mirror and just stared back at yourself? Looking at yourself you might see a pertruding chin, a big forehead, some freckles, regular brown eyes, or just fine limp hair. But, that is what makes us who we are. That is our beauty. Many beauty companies show extremely beautiful models in their advertisements, one of which is Dove. But, something that Dove started about ten years ago is a beauty campaign. With this campaign, Dove wanted to reach all women across the world with commercial ads and show them just how beautiful each one is, even with their scars and freckles. For example, one of the many commercial advertisements that Dove created was the "Real Beauty Sketches". For this ad, Dove hired an FBI forensic artist to sketch regular women. The women that were to be sketched had no idea what was happening. They were only told to get friendly with another person and later go to a studio. When the women arrived at the…show more content…
Watching the commercial, we notice how Dove tries to make us feel sympathy for the women being sketched. These women don't see how beautiful they are. It takes a stranger to show them that their natural beauty is far greater than any beauty of a model. If we look closely, we can notice a bigger picture and message that Dove is trying to give us, viewers. By using these women, Dove is telling us, ladies, that we are more beautiful than we think. When we look in the mirror, we always notice the freckles and frizzy hair. We always notice our flaws. But, do we ever notice our perfections and our prominent features? Some of us have the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes and we don't even know it. Some of us are gifted with thick curly hair and some are gifted with straight blonde hair. Each little detail is what defines us and who we are. We are all beautiful in our own way, and that is what Dove is trying to show

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