Double Meaning In Joan Aleshire's 'Slipping'

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The poem “Slipping”, written by Joan Aleshire is about a father who is getting old. The speaker of this poem is the father’s daughter. The theme of this poem is, communicate with your parents more. The title “Slipping” has a double meaning, one is the father physically slipping because of his age, and another is the father’s feeling slipping. It says, “He’s never liked to talk about feeling” in line 10 and 11; however, he says “I love you so much” in line 15 to his daughter when they were walking outside. By having these two sentences the readers could see the father’s personality at a younger age and and his personality now. Moreover, it shows the difference in his personality. Furthermore, the reason why we could see the father is getting old is because it says “the leg that weakens” and “curtain of mist that falls over one eye” (2 and 3). The latter is a metaphor to explain that he has cataract. Moreover, it says “each visit maybe a the last”, which does not actually mean that it will be his last visit but his last visit being able to see the scenery of that place (16). Therefore, by these two quotes we could see how much he is getting old and his father’s eyes beginning to be unable to see.…show more content…
The daughter expresses her thoughts on her father’s age, which pasted too fast that she didn’t realize her father getting old, and that when she realized her father was already old. Since, she didn't take a careful watch on her father, his youth and health was lost when she realized, as when things are already stolen when pickpocketed. Therefore, this metaphor has two meaning, time passing to fast and did not realize as the pickpockets and things were stolen as

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