Double Indemnity Vs Seven Year Itch Research Paper

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Epicurus, an ancient Greek philosopher, once said “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” Billy wilder takes two movies, Double Indemnity and The Seven Year Itch, to explore the causes and consequences of men’s desires. Though the movies to not have similar story lines the two male lead characters have a few things in common. Even with those few things in common does the differences in which they have make one of them better than the other? Fred MacMurray or Neff in Double Indemnity and Tom Ewells or Richard Sherman in The Seven Year itch make different trouble for themselves and have different ways to get out but are not all that different at all. Both characters Neff and Richard begin sure of themselves. Neff is just an insurance sales man but a pushy one. He is very sure of himself when we begin his flashback. He pushes his way into a house of a customer. He sees his customer’s wife and begins to flirt with her. He knows she’s married but believes she’s a dame he can catch anyway and on the first day it is assumed by how the situation plays out that they had sex. This only amplifies how secure Neff is in himself. Richard is just a sure but in a different way. When he gets his wife and son on the train he tells himself he isn’t going to be like…show more content…
We see Richard’s insecurity begin when a woman buzzes his door. She’s trying to get upstairs but forgot her key. He sees her and is attracted but moves on. He begins to have a fight with his wife in his mind about how desirable he is to women. The part that proves he has become insecure is the fact that he isn’t truly arguing with his wife. He’s arguing with himself. He wants to make himself believe he is desirable to women. He may or may not be desirable but being married you have too eventually start forcing yourself to believe you “still got

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