Donnie Darko Camera Techniques Essay

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Assessment 1 1. Explain how camera techniques – angle, movement, and framing – are used to create an emotional impact on the audience. The camera angles in the Donnie Darko opening consist mostly of full on tracking shots and pans, the focus is mostly kept on our character Donnie, he’s on frame throughout every scene with the exception of his little sister on the trampoline and his mother reading, Donnie’s face is always shot in the shade and dark to give off the emotion that he is a disturbed character, the pacing of the scene is naturally fast despite the end of the scene being much later on in the day compared to the opening, 2. Explain what contribution lighting makes to film meaning. The lighting in the Donnie Darko opening is used to convey the films dark tone, as the camera pans towards Donnie on the ground with low level lighting hinting at the dark element surrounding the film and giving the character a sense of mystery and confusion for the audience. The opening shot featuring Donnie sitting up as it pans towards the sun rising, as he turns around we can almost barely see his face with the exception of his laughing which could foreshadow his darker side.…show more content…
Select examples of mise-en-scene and explain how their inclusion helps the dynamics of a scene The costume and overall set in the Blue Velvet opening is very vibrant, it gives off a very peaceful and old fashioned vibe as shown by many of the shots (i.e.: the fireman waving towards the camera), the costume design on the married couple is a very old fashioned, as the couple appears to be in their late 60s/early 70s the fashion sense seems to be more of a product of the time. The colour designs mostly consists of the three colours red, white and blue (i.e.: the roses, the fences, the fire truck) also the choices of colour which make up the American flag which emphasises more on the American dream. 4. Explain the significant of the soundtrack (you should discuss both diegetic and non-diegetic

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