Domestic Animals In The Salem Witch Trials

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In 1692, witchcraft was happening in Salem, Massachusetts. Women were being executed because others believed that it was young women that were promoting witchcraft. Dogs, cats, birds, oxen, and pigs were called possessed and were being hunted down by the townsmen of Salem. Innocent animals were being eliminated because of witchcraft. Animals didn’t deserve to be treated like that, innocent pets were being killed because of the belief that was spreading through the town of Salem. Therefore, the people in Salem didn’t care for anyone, whether they had two legs or four. So many lives were being taken away because of false belief. Paper Possessed. Helpers. Spirits. That is what animals were being called in 1692, the year of the Salem Witch Trials. Animals were as guilty as the witches that everyone was hunting for. Even though there was a list of what animals that were being possessed by the witches, it was mostly dogs who were being executed. Many domestic animals were killed, dogs especially…show more content…
So animals were helping witches by being by their side. As well of witches transforming into animals. They would either be a human or animal in disguise. Innocent domestic animals that were in Salem, were being executed because of being associated with witches. Even a man was being charged because he was encouraging his pet dog to attack with a magical mean. With the consequence of being tried, convicted and hung. If you think of it, you never heard a man that was blamed if witchcraft/ demon, they were charged, as much as women were blamed and killed men were as well of guilty just as much as they were. When a women would be killed, it was mostly because she was sleeping with a married and older man, but they let the men go and told them it wasn’t his fault and would always accuse the craziness that was happening by women in Salem because of belief of becoming possessed by Satin or a

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