Does Down Syndrome Justify Abortion?

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In the article, “Does Down Syndrome Justify Abortion?,” by Mark Lawrence Schrad in The New York Times, it explains the importance of research and understanding. The article describes a family who finds out through tests that they are pregnant with a 50/50 chance of a Down syndrome daughter. Knowing that there is a chance that their child could be born with Down syndrome, they are left with a difficult choice; abort as suggested by their medical team or continue with the pregnancy and take the risk. When reading the title of this article, you would consider only pregnant families should read it, however. This article goes onto further explain how making abortion legal for in utero diagnosis of Down syndrome. When dealing with such a difficult situation, people should research every possible form of documents and…show more content…
I do not believe in abortion, however, there are certain circumstances that I would understand why an abortion is needed. When someone is abusing getting abortions for reasons other than a rape situation, then I don’t agree with aborting a child. The way I understood the article is, Ohio is becoming an abortion free state, however, they are also taking away government assistance programs that allow specific services, including those for special needs. Everyone knows that children are expensive, when you add a child with special needs into the mix, finances are tough for many families. Cutting funds for programs that are needed is only going to make families want to abort more. If they are denied the right to abort, then many children with special needs are going to end up in financial crisis, relationship issue amongst family or there will be an over amount of children being put into orphanages or foster care. If funds are not cut for parents, then there would be no reason, other than understanding a different lifestyle, for

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