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Howetta Queenborrows Happy Gilmore Movie Report Psychological Issues in Sports Professor: Trista Hallman-Hill October 20th, 2014 In the film Happy Gilmour, Happy dreams his whole life of becoming a pro hockey player. However, that dream gets cut short after he was not picked for the team due to his lack of ability to skate. We learn that Happy lives an unstable and is incapable of keeping a job, which is proven by the many career paths he’s been down. After the bank reposes Happy’s grandmother’s house due to unpaid taxes, he takes it up on himself to raise enough money to get back the grandmother’s house, due to the sentimental value it holds. After happy discovers that he can drive a gold ball, he decides to enter the Waterbury Open to win the money he needs. We meet Shooter McGavin; he announces the opening of the major gold tournament to win the golden jacket. After seeing happy…show more content…
There are two types of anxiety, Somatic and cognitive. Cognitive Anxiety is where internal thoughts are causes negative thinking or worrying. Somatic anxiety is the moment to moment changes in perceived psychological activation. During Happy’s first tournament game, he took his first shot and he missed; his emotion got a whole of him. This was due to nervousness and muscle tightness which is an example of somatic anxiety. His ability to drive the ball far yards are beyond exceptional, however because he was tense in that present moment he was unable to

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