Disadvantages Of Using Context Sensitive Help

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Context sensitive help (CSP) allows users to obtain information without shifting their focus away from viewing a particular page. It is a form of help that stops the user from navigating away and perhaps losing interest in the main topic. CSP can be employed in various avenues such as knowledge bases, propriety software and on trade websites. It is an excellent tool to empower a WordPress website. What is WordPress? WordPress is a content management tool which allows simple users to have effective control of their websites without having to refer to web experts to put content online. These websites therefore are used by many businesses who like to keep their costs down. There are many occasions where a webpage explains to us a topic or concept…show more content…
People are often hushed away from a website when they have to fill out a form. CSP on such a page helps the visitor to understand the reasons behind asking for particular information bits. Knowledge base software such as ProProfs has the ideal options to create tooltips that are dynamic and can be employed in a variety of situations. Advantages of Using Context Sensitive Help CSP methods are designed to respect that the time of visitors is precious and it cannot be laid to go to waste. Customers will leave a website if they get frustrated. They often get frustrated when they do not understand the concepts in front of them. The concept of CSP is to ensure that they are helped in the right spot without producing an ounce of frustration. A great knowledge base is often the need of both customers and employees. It provides assistance to company employees who are able to quickly find the right material with the help obtained from CSP and ensure that they can perform their function more effective. There are some other advantages of CSP as well which are listed below: CSP reduces the time which is required to provide effective training especially to employees using a website as an information…show more content…
It allows a user to carry out a function in a better manner and most times move ahead to perform more tasks resulting in value addition to the web content already present. CSP methods centralize information and reduce the need to present information at multiple points. It makes it easier for a website visitor to take a decision by learning everything while remaining on the relevant webpage. CSP methods are easy to use and improve the learning experience. This means that a rich learning atmosphere is created where a user learns about various terms and happily remains on the page. This gives more chance that the user will buy something from the website or grab the message on display. CSP snippets can be instantly created in software such as ProProfs. This allows us to quickly add important information as we get it prepared from a subject matter expert (SME). Clients gain the required information with ease. This reduces the queries that the service and support departments have to resolve as most of the queries and tickets are about basic problems and

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