Disadvantages Of Cooperative Communication

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Cooperative communication is one of the fastest growing areas of research, and it is like a key enabling technology for efficient spectrum use in future. The key idea in user-cooperation is the resource-sharing among multiple nodes in a network. Cooperative communications involve a helping source to improve or maximize the capacity of the channel for any given range of bandwidths. The reason behind the exploration of user-cooperation is the willingness of power sharing and computational process with neighbouring nodes; this can lead us to save overall network resources. Cooperation exploits user diversity by decoding the combined messages, the relayed message and the direct messages in wireless multiple hops networks so that this cooperation…show more content…
The simplest form of user-cooperation is perhaps multi-hopping, which is nothing but a chain link of point-to-point source to the destination. User-cooperation is possible whenever there is at least one additional node willing to aid in communication. Nodes could be a single source or relay, or they can be a group or relays, or both, but a three-terminal network is a fundamental unit in user cooperation. In the realm of information theory, this special three-terminal channel is labelled as relay channel. In recent years, half-duplex relaying has been accepted as a practical form of relaying that has potential for implementation in near future. These advantages of cooperative communication have drawn a lot of interest and research in recent years; contributions related to this paper are…show more content…
Concept of relay network was firstly introduced by Van der Meulen in [4]. A relay network is a class of network topology commonly used in wireless networks, where the source and destination are interconnected with links of some nodes. In this type of network source and destination cannot properly communicate to each other directly because the distance between the source and destination is greater than the transmission range of both of them, hence the need for intermediate nodes to relay. There is no need to exchange data or channel knowledge between different

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