Did Hitler's Use Of Propaganda Lead To The Destruction Of The Jewish People

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Hitler had many ways of making the Jews seem as if they were foul, cruel people who plagued the Earth. The Jewish people were just as normal as the Germans were, but Hitler had many manipulative ways to make the common people think that the Jewish community was a threat to German society. These ways are known as systems of persecution, and he used it to create a mass genocide of the Jewish people, that led to the death of over 6 million Jews. This genocide was state-sponsored and the German people agreed with Hitler's decisions of a mass extinction of Jewish people all over the world. The systems of persecution Hitler used to implement and complete the Holocaust was a wide use of propaganda, the transportation of Jews into ghettos, and the creation of laws to strip the rights of the jews.…show more content…
Hitler chose a Josef Goebbels to create and distribute propaganda throughout Germany. Goebbels was a mastermind in propaganda, he used short phrases and distinct images to deface the Jewish population and to make them a scapegoat for all of Germany's problems. Goebbels also took control of mass media and books. All books published during the Third Reich had to be approved by Goebbel's ministry of propaganda, also all books published had some form or Nazi propaganda within the contents of the book. He also took control of film production in Germany. Anti-Jewish films such as "The Eternal Jew" were strongly promoted to make the common Jewish person lesser than the German and to make the Germans seem superior the Jewish people. The Nazi supporters also attended rallies held by Goebbel to establish discipline, power, and order (Web. The Holocaust

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