Dialogue Essay: Memoir Of Chevin The Army

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The following Saturday Kevin and Alex went to get food. Things have been getting darker and people have been acting worse, Alex was afraid to leave her alone or take her with them but they had no choice but to leave her. They left around five hoping to get there before everyone else. When they arrived the line wasn't to bad maybe only thirty,thirty-five people ahead of them. Time went slow and the sun grew no brighter. ‘‘What do you want to be when you get older?’’ Kevin asked ‘‘I want to join the military’’ he added staring out into the grog. Alex thought about the question at hand. He really didn't know what he wanted to do with his life. Before all of this all he was is a pizza boy. Alex most definitely did not want to join the military, seeing how his brother is in it and they never get to see him. “I don’t really know” Alex said shrugging. It had been almost an hour and the line started moving slowly. By time they made it in and out it was well after seven thirty. Alex and Kevin…show more content…
There were actually four fresh ones. A lady who didn't look over thirty-five.The man looked like he was forty and hard working so he was probably around the same age as the mom. The oldest looking of the two kids was a girl maybe fifteen and a little probably around six. ”This family look well feed and no injuries, so what happened?’’ Alex wondered but didn't bother to ask because all Kevin would do is tell him not to worry about it. The man had his wallet on him.It contaned sixty-eight dollars whitch kevin and Alex split. Alex let kevin take the guys shoes next the mom. She had a beautiful gold necklace and matching bracelet, Kevin took the bracelet. Alex got her necklace and shoes. He couldn't bring himself to even touch the kids. Every time he looked at them Alex kept thinking what if that was Bri. Deep down he knew that one day this would their fate, unidentified bodies being striped so someone else could eat that

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