Bonobos And Anthropomorphism

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Over the years, scientists have discovered and studied the origins and evolutions of primates in order to differentiate their traits they have and how human characteristics compare to them. Charles Darwin, a scientist who is well known for his study on the comparison of primates and humans believed that humans and primates shared a common ancestor. Darwin’s theory is nearly two centuries old, but still helps out a lost of modern biological anthropologists. His theory is used as a base for the modern day discoveries of similarities between primates and humans. Anthropomorphism is evident in chimpanzees, Bonobos and apes and is known as the attribution of human characteristics to animals. As human evolution from these animals took place, scientists…show more content…
Monkeys can communicate both vocally and non-vocally which is also similar to humans. It is extremely important that they have the capabilities to express themselves in a number of different ways. Body language is key in the communication between monkeys, whether it’s their ability to yawn, raise hands to show authority or even show their teeth as a sign of warning to other monkeys. Monkeys have the capability to change their pitches in their voice in order for communication. For example, when meeting another monkey they would grunt. Andrew Levy stated in an article “mail online” that monkeys are now starting to use sign language in order to communicate. Levy also says that another gesture they use in order to want solitude is when they cover their eyes. Humans also do not tend to give eye contact when they are trying to be left alone. Dominance is also a human characteristic, which is shown throughout monkey social groups. The eldest male in the group would typically be the most dominant. Like in the human world in the monkey world there is a hierarchy. When you are high up on the hierarchy in the monkey world you tend to have more advantages such as when you are able to eat, access to more females in order to pass on your genes. There is a negative side to being up on the hierarchy such as having to fend for yourself a lot more when it comes to other monkeys challenging

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