Descriptive Essay: Summer In Michigan

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October in Michigan. Just picture the scene, the woods crisp and cool in the fall air. The leaves crunch and crinkle as the deer and animals sneak through it. The Whitetail buck sniffs the air for the scent of does in the air, when he catches the scent he takes off chasing them. This is the time of year I live for, and as my dad and I drove north, our conversation turned to hunting as was the norm for our conversations at this time of year. We wondered where we would put our tree stand and if we would see deer. We finally arrived at our destination, our grandparents’ house in Mesick Michigan. A very small town with a population of 400 or so. They came out and greeted us and helped us hook up the camper so that we could go out and set up the tree stand. We drove out in to the woods and got out of the truck. As we then walked through the woods, we could only hope to see a deer, or see sign of one, that would prompt us to set up a tree stand. As we walked through the trails in the thick green woods, past oak and elm and maple trees, until we finally came to a very large white oak tree, about 2 ½ feet across each side of the double tree. We looked up and decided that this was tree…show more content…
As I got the crossbow up on the shooting rail and clicked the safety off and placed the crosshairs right behind the shoulder blade and prepared to squeeze the trigger when my dad leans over and points at a 5 point buck with a large body. As he steps behind the tree, and the doe put her head down, I moved the bow over and train the bow on the buck. As I get the crosshairs trained on his shoulder blade, the doe senses something wrong and starts blowing at the buck. An eerie sound that can be discomforting when you hear it. All of the sudden the buck and doe turn and run, leaving me heartbroken at being so close and not closing the

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