Derek Walcott's Mutiny On The Bounty

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Last weekend I watched Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) to enhance my understanding of Derek Walcott’s the Bounty. It was a good movie and I enjoyed that even though it was three hours long. But this poem is more related to painting rather than the movie and the real story behind that. Monet is one of the painters that Walcott uses as exemplar in his poetry. At the beginning he mentions a seacoast city that he inhabited long time ago, now even cannot remember the name. But the city was so beautiful that he makes an analogy of there and a painting of Monet “I was inhabiting a postcard”. I looked for the painting based on characteristics that he recounts and ended up three painting. Rue Montargeuil with Flags and Sainte-Adresse and the one that I

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