Chapter Summary: The Life Of Bram Stoker

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Sirius Black came bursting into the Potter’s hideaway at the time because he had heard the recent news about the betrayal and his daughter and Harry Potter’s destiny that will be set upon them. When Sirius entered the house what he found wasn’t what he expected, his best friend, James Potter was dead, his blue orbs that once showed mischief and love were now lifeless and dull. On the inside Sirius was silently crying due to the fact that his best friend since the 1st year of Hogwarts was now gone. Not being able to look at James lifeless body, he continued into the house when suddenly he hears cries. Quickly he ran to the room were the crying was. When he entered the room Sirius was stunned once again when he saw his other best friend Lily…show more content…
He was suddenly aware again and he heard the sound of crying, looking up he met the eyes of green/blue orbs that belonged to his daughter, Madilynn LiliBeth Black, with a middle name that had his wife’s first name, Beth, and their best friend’s, Lily also. Sirius got up from his kneeling position from beside Lily and stood up going to his Little Pup. Before he could get to her he caught some brown hair in the corner of his eye. Silently he prayed it wasn’t Beth, he turned around and finally he cracked, Sirius rushed over to his Wife’s body and fell to his knees in front of her. Crying was all he did as he held her close. The women who was able to crack him and get through his tough guy exterior that he had built up around him was gone. Then and their Sirius vowed he would get revenge on the git who did this to his Best Friends and Family. Getting up he went over to his baby girl and saw a lightning bolt scar on her forehead, slowly he trailed his thumb over it and shed a couple more…show more content…
W hen he came back into the house he went into the children's room and saw Hagrid over the crib with Harry and Madilynn in his arms. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Sirius yelled at the man, his breath ragged and his eyes

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