Argumentative Essay On Undocumented Workers

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Undocumented migrant workers being deported would lead to the crash of the agriculture’s part in the United States of America’s economy. The many fields that America has crafted to produce it’s many food products , located mainly in the mid west, are tended to by many workers, or farm hands. Many who are undocumented. If these hard undocumented working people are deported not enough replacement workers are available to make up the difference, with a difficult job title no legal citizen would willing work as, and farmers would need to increase the selling price to be able to pay the replacement workers, leading to the failure of the agricultural part of the economy. Imagine the United States’ farmlands, acres and…show more content…
With no other alternative to gain income they must do the work no else does, hard work under the hot sun for a incredible long amount of time. Many of the undocumented workers do not mind getting their hands dirty, caked in dirt, from working on the land and blood, from handling the livestock. Many legal citizens won’t even bother to do the back breaking work that the undocumented migrant workers do. There is not many other type of workers who would do this kind of work in the United States of America. Most illegal immigrants only do this work because they have little to no other choice but to pick this type of work, since most other forms of employment require proof of citizenship or something akin like a resident status. Since in most cases there is not any benefits in being a farm hand, with no job security for it as well. Many United States citizens find all those undesirable qualities in a job as unappealing, and rightfully so. Undocumented workers are often taken advantage of and worked to the bone, failing to even have breaks in some cases. The lack of any sort of benefit, health insurance, dental plan, 401k, or even just job security has made this a last resort job that many of the so called legal citizens would not resort to doing, while many undocumented workers do so because there is no other

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