Definition Essay On Character Analysis

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The basic definition of character is the combination of mental and physical characteristics that distinguishes a person from the rest of a group. Is this really the definition or true meaning of character? Character can have many different components that define the true meaning. Abraham Lincoln said, “Reputation is the shadow. Character is the tree.” This means character comes from more than just what people see or hear of us. Our character will more than likely come from the people that raise us whether parents or family member. If people’s parents don’t care what they do and don’t have control of them at a young age then their character is more than likely not going to be very good. If their parents are strict but teach them good morals then they will have great character. Though many people can change their character over time, parenting is usually what determines it for most people. Good character usually leads to a better and more successful life. Character is what made you very popular in a positive or negative way. Bad character occurs when people commit a crime or do something they know is morally wrong. Some kids grow up without their parents and can learn by the bad neighborhoods they grow up in which…show more content…
This means that people can have really good character but as soon as they do something bad all the memory of the good they’ve done is vanished. Good character is something everyone should try to achieve at all times. Good character can be started by simply caring for others and being able to have trustworthiness. Simply trusting your lover or family members to be truthful is showing good character. Responsibility shows a lot about someone’s character; if they can do everything they need to do and be able to take care of others, and then they have good character. Opening doors or just helping others shows good character. Character is your personality, actions, words, and
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