How Did Elizabeth Blackwell Want To Become An American

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Elizabeth Blackwell Research Paper By Lauren Maietta Nowadays when people go to visit the doctor 1 in 3 doctors are female. Before Elizabeth Blackwell people would have seen none. Even though the students and public eye opposed, Elizabeth Blackwell was the first women to graduate from medical school in the United States. Elizabeth Blackwell was the first women to get a medical degree and it has led her to being a public health activist during her lifetime. During Blackwell’s life she did not always want to be a doctor. Elizabeth at first, hated learning about the anatomey of a human being and reading medical books. She at first was very into History and wanted to pursue teaching. When Elizabeth was 11 her and her family moved to the U.S. from England. She then truly decided she wanted to be a doctor when her friend who had been sick, and dying said “she wished she had a women doctor.” ( She studied alone with a doctor until 1847, when she got accepted into Geneva Medical School. ( In the end Blackwell had decided she wanted to go into medicene.…show more content…
Blackwell had no idea on how to become a Physician, she asked many and they all said it would be too expensive and could not be given to a women. She applied into four schools and got denied in all. One Profeser told her she could get in desquised as a man, but it was her goal to go as a woman. She then widened the posibility to go to smaller schools, and then got into Geneva. ( SHe then went to the school and they told her it was a joke sending her the acceptence letter, but she still went. Proffesers forced her to sit seperatly in lectures and would not let her often do labs. Eventually proffesers and students grew respect for Blackwell. Although she faced many problems she grew stronger through

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