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David (Dave) Pelzer born in San Francisco, California wrote this auto-biography about his tragic life growing up with him and his 4 other brothers. Being raised in the city of Daly City, California. Dave’s childhood was destroyed by his abusive mother. After a long while teachers begun to notice and was able to put Dave in a foster care, but don’t let that mislead you from the devious acts inflicted on him. After divorcing his first wife Patsy Pelzer he married his 2nd wife Marsha who later on begun to be his editor. A Child Called It is a very sad story about Dave’s will to survive in this awful environment that his mother had put him into. Dave was starved, beaten, and tortured all the way from 4 till he was finally rescued at the age of 12. It opens your eyes that maybe you really don’t have a bad of a life as you think you do. This heart-wrenching story may very well be the epitome of…show more content…
Often he would listen to her tell fun-filled stories to the kids through the walls of the bathroom laying in freezing cold water. He was also excluded from enjoying any holidays, as he got to sit there and watch his siblings have fun. He was also not even allowed to sleep inside of the house. He was being forced to sleep outside in the garage. She showed no mercy and did not care about what her son looked like even going to public places like school. Dave would go to school every day wearing unwashed hole torn clothes. Kids would make fun of the clothes he had to wear, which only made things harder then what they already were. He was getting bullied about never changing his clothes and his hygiene. Not only that, but he would have these old clothes and would constantly have to tell people why he has bruises. Any time teachers or officials would get suspicious about why he’s dressed like this and has bruises his mother would use her charm to get out of the

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