David Lloyd George's Leadership In World War One

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The key to succession in a war is having a leader that is phenomenal and makes the right choices. Lloyd George was a man who was knowledgeable about his position, and did not forget that it led to a large amount of power and responsibility. Lloyd George committed the majority of his life to politics. His decisions were based upon what he thought was best for the majority of the people. This involved a large amount of courage, intelligence, and commitment. David Lloyd George was one of the most successful leaders in World War One, because he lead Britain through the war with his political skills, uncommon strategies and passion. David Lloyd George was a smart child and grew to be an intelligent man. School was not a challenge for him, and it was something he was known to enjoy. He went to secondary school for training to become a solicitor. After a while, he was offered an apprenticeship to The Law Society in 1879 (Duffty, 2009). After he was finished training, he started a practice in Criccieth. People began to recognize him as the man who defended criminals. Later on,…show more content…
Eventually, he had to make important decisions that would change everything. At the beginning of the war, Lloyd George believed Britain should not become involved in a war involving a large part of Europe. However, Herbert Asquith later convinced Lloyd George that it was reasonable for the country to enter the war (Simkin, 2014). David Lloyd George found that escalating the war would bring a quicker and more efficient victory for Britain. Lloyd George was certain that breaking through on the Western Front would be unsuccessful, so he boldly suggested that instead of the Western Front, they attacked the near East. Several people disagreed with this suggestion, however, his decisions impressed the Coalition. In 1915, he was declared the Minister of Munitions (Simkin, 2014). This position involved Lloyd George in the war more than ever

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