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In the novel Every Day by David Levithan, the main character, “A”, does not own his own body. Therefore; he does not know if he is male or female, tall or short, or strong or weak. One day he is a male and the next day he is a female. Is this not disturbing to think about? To “A”, this is just his normal life. Levithan is trying to show the readers of this book that gender does not matter and a person’s true nature is what is revealed within. If “A” had a true gender, males and females would be affected differently because one gender might sympathize more with their own gender or might feel more love for the opposite gender. The fact that “A” is neither gender makes Every Day unique. When “A” first meets Rhiannon, he is inside her boyfriend, Justin. After “A” proves himself to her by visiting her in another host and they continue to contact each other thorough “A”’s personal e-mail. “A” admits, “I’ve found that people tend to trust other people who dress like them. And whatever I do, I am going to need all the trust I can get” (Levithan 91). This quote exemplifies how gender played a role in the outcome of the novel’s events. If “A” was a boy…show more content…
It is not just confusing but makes her question “A”’s true identity. Even though Rhiannon tries to hide it, she is different when “A” is inside a male than when inside a female. In one point of the story, Rhiannon says to “A”, “I want you to know, if you were a guy I met-if you were the same guy every day, if the inside was the outside-there’s a good chance I could love you forever…But the rest of this is too difficult” (Levithan 281). As the book evolves, “A” realizes how hard it has been for Rhiannon and knows the best thing for her would be to leave. No matter how hard she tries to see “A” for who he is inside, the hosts’ appearances as well as their different genders cloud her mind with too many emotions that are all too hard to

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