Pros And Cons Of Dna Databank

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A DNA Databank is a collection of DNA from criminal offenders. The United States, along with other countries around the world, is looking to implement a DNA databank for all citizens regardless of if they have committed a crime. There is much controversy around this plan. Some people claim that it will help police solve crime more easily; others claim it is an invasion of privacy and rights. Other hesitations about the national database relate to the reliability of DNA and the risk of government abuse. There are many great arguments in place that advocate for a national DNA databank. A few of these arguments center on the benefits of having more and easily accessible DNA, DNA’s ability to solve crime, and the reliability and effectiveness of DNA testing. Easy access to…show more content…
A national database would help police find first-time offenders easier. A national DNA databank helps determine who was at the scene of the crime, which considerably narrows down the list of suspects. In the UK, the national DNA databank helped to distinguish a suspect in approximately 60% of criminal cases. While DNA has been used to solve many crimes in the past, some people worry that a national databank will lead to false matches, but scientists test DNA profiles for more than one genetic marker to make the testing as accurate as possible. While similar familial DNA profiles are possible, the chance of unrelated persons having identical DNA profiles is less than one in one billion, which makes DNA testing more accurate. The DNA database is also not intended to replace conventional criminal investigations, but to act with them by identifying potential suspects quicker. A national DNA databank can be used for more than just solving cries, for instance, it would be very helpful in researching, monitoring, and fighting diseases. It would allow doctors and scientists to learn which genes correlate with certain diseases, which could lead to better

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