Dan White's Argument Against Police Profiling

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Dan white believes that it is a “smart business move” to focus police scrutiny on those certain ethnic groups that are “over-represented in arrested statistics.” I fully agree with Mr. White's argument. If statistic show that certain ethnic groups are more prone to criminal activity than others, then police should focus on those ethnic groups. Profiling is most definitely an acceptable and fair method when it comes to police work and business; however, I believe it is completely wrong when it comes to deciding who should be admitted into college. One group that I believe profiling is useful for is the police. In the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, the US experienced an increase in crime. This increase in crime was due to the police being merely a reaction…show more content…
This has led to outrage by many Americans. However, I believe many of those Americans do not see the bigger picture. This proactive policing is saving lives. According to an article by Ray Kelly, since 2002, tens of thousands of weapons have been taken off of the streets by the New York Police Department while using proactive policing strategies. He also reports a statistic that in the 11 years before Mayor Bloomberg took office, 13,212 murders occurred in New York City; but, during the first 11 years of Mayor Bloomberg being in office, there were only 5,849 murders. In a sense, Mayor Bloomberg and his strategies have saved 7, 383 lives. For those that say police are stopping people, mainly minorities, too much and for no reason, Kelly provides another statistic to counter: “ The average number of stops [the NYPD] conduct[s] is less than one per officer per week.” The people who are complaining about profiling are not seeing the bigger picture and how it can help. By allowing police officers to use profiling to determine if one seems suspect, they can end up saving the lives of…show more content…
When police officers are patrolling an area known for crime, they should use profiling as a tool to identify and stop criminals. By using profiling, police officers will be able to stop crimes before they are committed. If an officer is patrolling an area and sees someone dressed in clothes not relevant to the season, or acting in a suspicious manner, then the officer should stop that person because he fits the profile of someone who might have already been in or will be involved in criminal activity. By using profiling in this manner, lives will be saved and crime will be

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