Crosstalk Case Study

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Unit 2 CS2204 Written Assignment Answer the following: What is crosstalk? How is it minimized in case of a twisted pair of wire? Answer: Crosstalk is electrical interference from outside sources that negatively affect data transmission within a cable. Less crosstalk equates to a better, higher quality signal over long distances. When crosstalk is reduced it allows for more successful long distant, high speed computer communication such as 100-Mbps and 1-Gbps Ethernet LANS (Tanenbaum, Andrew, Wetherall & David, 2011). When wires lay side by side, for example wire A next to wire B, the magnetic field of wire A will interfere with wire B, creating crosstalk. When the wires A and B are twisted, the crosstalk is canceled out and neutralized.…show more content…
The satellite communication system has several transponders that listen to some portion of the frequency spectrum. When an uplink signal is detected the transponders amplify the signal and rebroadcasts it as a downlink at a different frequency in order to avoid interference with the uplink data stream currently being received. Transmitting the uplink and downlink signal in different frequencies increases performance. Since satellites do not amplify an upward signal, the downlink signal beams can be broad covering a wide Earth surface area or they can be narrow to cover only a few hundred kilometers in diameter (Tanenbaum et al., 2011). Differentiate between the 2 switching techniques (Circuit Switching and Packet Switching).(4 differences) Answer: Circuit Switching is designed for voice via telephone network and is a Connection-Oriented Protocol with a dedicated communication path between two stations. There are three phases to setting up a connection between the two stations; 1) Establish the connection, 2) Transfer the data and 3) Disconnect. Circuit Switching: Must have switching capacity and channel capacity to establish connection. A dedicated connection is open during the duration of the connection. If there is no data being transferred during the open connection then the capacity is…show more content…
All forwarding tables are empty; each switch uses the learning algorithm of 2.4 Ethernet Switches. B │ S4 │ A───S1───S2────────S3───C │ D Answer: Now suppose the following packet transmissions take place: A sends to D; all switches know where A is located D sends to A; this packet goes directly to A; only S2 and S1 learn where D is located A sends to B; this packet goes directly to B; only S1, S2, and S4 learn where B is located References: Dordal, P. (2014). An Introduction to Computer Networks. Department of Computer Science Loyola University Chicago. Retrieved from, Laumeister, B. (2012).Design How-To Use a twist (and other popular wires) to reduce EMI/RFI. Retrieved from, Krings, A. (n.d.) Circuit Switching and Packet Switching Retrieved from, TANENBAUM, ANDREW S.; WETHERALL, DAVID J., COMPUTER NETWORKS, 5th, 2011. Reprinted by permission of Pearson Education, Inc., New York, New York. Page 97 chapter 2, Retrieved from

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