Critical Analysis Of Three Mistakes Of My Life

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In the same light the first novel of the writer deals with problem of today’s engineering students in India who get into the country’s top University, only to rebel against the stultifying environment of academic competition. The novelist has, from his first hand experience, clearly depicted ragging, hostel life, work pressure from the higher authority, rising suicide cases, a great criticism on education system in India following internationally landed IIT scheme that has stifled students creativity by forcing them to value grades more than anything else; uninspiring teaching and many assignments adding to their despairs, while still making time to enjoy one’s youth. The novel very realistically illustrates the present scenario while revealing…show more content…
India has undertaken appreciable journey on the road of growth and development since the day of freedom, but Indian attitude or the attitude of inhuman kind needs to be changed very seriously, as Indians are very easily driven by emotions and not by practical thoughts. In his 4th publication Two States of My Marriage Life, Chetan Bhagat tries to restrict his scope from his expanded themes of Three Mistakes of My Life to concentrated social issues of marriage. The novelist narrates the story of a young man and a lady from two different states of India who fall in love and decide to get married but their parents do not agree because of cultural differences. The book covers their individual struggle to achieve goals, their strong attachment of love which wins them through all odds. A regular Chetan Bhagat reader may look for the development of Chetan Bhagat as a novelist but to the disappointment of the reader; Two States doesn’t promise anything surprisingly in the name of Realism as there is nothing new in the story and the way it is told has nothing but the typical style and language used by the novelist in his novels; with the exception of the length as this novel has a score or so more dense pages than the other

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